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Dog Photo of the Month

Scottie likes to lie on the stairs and watch what's going on.


Show me the best photo of your dog


If you want to participate, first you need to subscribe to the newsletter, as the contest is only available to subscribers. You can sign up here. It's free.


Subscribers are invited to send along their fun photos (they must be shots you took yourself) of your dog. At the end of each month, the submitted photos will be set up on this site. Members will be invited to vote on their favorite picture. The winning photo will be displayed on this page.


Get busy taking shots of your dogs... send them in with:


- a caption for the photo (including the dog's name)

- your name

- the email address that you signed up with.



  • Image Size: (Max.) 3"x5" 72 dpi

  • Caption: Include a couple of sentences that describe the photo, including the dog's name, age and breed.

  • Refer to your email notification for the email address to send your images.

  • If the photo is on your own site, you can give me the link to it, but you will still need to send me the caption you wish me to use. In this case, also include an explanation of the photo so I can identify it.

  • NEVER send someone else's work unless they are from your friends or family and you have their permission.

  • NO abuse, pornographic or sexually explicit images.

  • NO racial overtones or violence

  • Don't humiliate your dog.



All photos submitted will automatically be entered into our Dog of the Month Contests.


Send Your Photos! I invite you to send me your dog photos the cuter, the better. At the end of each month, the members will have a chance to vote on which one they like the best. The winning photo will become the "Dog of the Month". The photo will be displayed on a special "Dog of the Month" page at


Be sure to include a small caption (about as long as that paragraph) giving a few fun details about your dog / photo.


This "Dog of the Month" contest will continue every month throughout the year. At the end of the year, members will have a chance to vote and name the "Dog of the Year" (Watch for more details in a future issue of Dog Talk Weekly)




By submitting material to Dog Talk Weekly, you understand that you are giving me the rights to use them as I see fit on my web site, in ebooks and in videos. If you do not want to make these rights available to me, please do not send them in.


NOTE As the original owner, you will still hold the copyright to anything that you send to me for Dog Talk Weekly.




Please DO NOT send any material that you have not created and for which you do not own the copyright. Anyone violating the copyright laws can be sued. If you have created something for a client, be sure that you still own the copyright. In most cases, the copyright goes to the client. Images from the Web are not always free to copy and use.


To protect yourself and me, please only send in your own work. That way we will be absolutely sure.


I appreciate your adhering to this law.



If the photos are on your own site or Flickr or other photo sharing site, you can just send me the link to the photo you would like to submit. Be sure to include a caption and description so I know which photo you want to send over.


Now, get out there and have fun with your dog.

Take some great photos.

Collect wonderful memories.




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